An alternative to working with the traditional Real Estate Agent is a Home Builder. Home Builders may or may not list their homes with Real Estate firms. This is mostly determined by market conditions, meaning when home sales are good, they don't list with Realtors and when home sales are slow, they will. These are going to be new homes where a builder will frequently purchase large parcels of land and then sub-divide into smaller lots. With that they then build a number of homes which may offer the buyer a number of options on fixtures, carpets & tiles etc.. The home structure will generally offers a buyer to choose from several different floor plans or in some cases a completely custom home may be constructed. Of course the more custom it is, the more expensive it will be.

A few Home Builders in Clark County are listed below, but we do suggest doing an up to date background check on any prospective Home Builder.

AHO Construction 360-254-0493

New Tradition Homes 360-254-9225

Rain Creek Construction 360-518-1877

One more option is to work with a company that helps you to build your own home. There are many in the area and several that have been around quite a while. These businesses work with you if you already have a piece of land and let you get permits and even do some of the work in some cases. This can save you money, but it is rarely as attractive financially in the end as it seems going in to it. You will almost inevitably experience frustrations dealing with the County Building Department as well as some sub-contractors.

Adair Homes 360-225-1150
HiLine Homes 360-225-1768
Reality Homes 360-225-8524